Phuket, Thailand


We stayed at the Sawasdee Village Resort, which was absolutely gorgeous – canopy King beds, giant pools with waterfalls and a swim-up bar, and killer Thai food.

Sawasdee has two restaurants, one inside the hotel, and one next door, both of which are beautiful with great food, especially the huge buffet. Seriously. Everything you can imagine. Fresh squeezed juice, tons and tons of fruit, a chef that makes any type of egg or omelette you request, cereal, toast, potatoes, you name it.

Our hotel was just a short 10 minute walk to Kata beach (right off Kata Road) with plenty of spas, restaurants and shopping along the way. And the water was sooo clear and warm!

Our new friends also took us on their motorcycles to the After Beach reggae bar, which has this incredible view of Kata Beach. Some other favorites spots we discovered in the Mueang Phuket District were the Two Chefs Bar (really good cover bands), and Dino’s restaurant (Flinstones themed, but very cool! Like being inside a cave.)

For the last day in Phuket, we signed up for a boat tour of the Phi Phi Islands with a company called Phuket Tropical Touch. What I didn’t realize is that, on these tours, you have very minimal time on each island – only 30 minutes at Maya Bay (where the movie “The Beach” was filmed), an hour at Phi Phi Don to eat (which is provided for you in a buffet, cafeteria type setting, and the food is no bueno), 45 minutes to snorkel (my favorite part), and an hour at the small island of Kho Kai. I think the best option is probably to stay overnight on the Phi Phi Islands so you have more time to explore.