Holistika Wellness Resort - Tulum, Mexico

I just got back from the most amazing place in the entire world (and I'm not exaggerating) - Holistika Wellness Resort in Tulum, Mexico. This is the second time I've gone, and each time, I've come home feeling like I'm high on life. I'm making this a ritual to go every year by myself to reset and rejuvenate. 

After being restricted from international travel for several years due to the pandemic, this was the first trip I booked out of the country last year. I missed yoga (the studios were still shut down in LA), I missed traveling, and I wanted to go somewhere affordable with warm weather, a spa, healthy food, and yoga and energy classes. After lots of research, I decided on Holistika, and I'm so happy I did! 

First off, the grounds are gorgeous. If you're looking for a beach resort, this isn't the place - it's set back in the jungle (which I love), and there are pools with hammocks, a vegetarian restaurant onsite, a smoothie bar, a spa, a treehouse, and several gorgeous buildings where they hold not only yoga classes, but also classes on breathwork, meditation, Reiki and sound healing. They even have an art walk in the jungle where you can take a short hike and see gorgeous murals and sculptures. 

They also have daily ceremonies for energy and healing. I did a two-hour sweat lodge, which I was a bit apprehensive about (as someone who is terrified of enclosed spaces), but I sat by the door, breathed through it, and afterward felt amazing! The steam clears out your toxins, makes your skin feel great, and makes your whole body feel so relaxed. I slept like a baby afterward. 

The rooms are huge, and each room has a hammock in it, and it's own patio. 

The best part is, there's a store and restaurant onsite, so there's no reason to leave! I'd usually wake up, have coffee on the patio, get a smoothie, lay on a hammock in the pool for a bit, go to a yoga class, eat lunch, get a massage, go for a hike in the art walk, read or meditate in my room, go to an energy class or a ceremony, then have dinner and relax in my room for the rest of the night. I can't remember the last time I felt so connected to myself and so genuinely happy inside. 

If you're looking for an affordable getaway to relax in the sun, raise your vibes, connect with yourself, or all of the above, I highly recommend it! I wish it was closer - I'd be there more often!

You can find all the info on their site:  https://www.holistikatulum.com/

Yoga & Energy Healing in Ubud, Bali


I just returned from Bali last week, and what an incredible place! It was my first time visiting Indonesia, and the energy there is so peaceful, especially in Ubud. I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves yoga, meditation and energy healing.

We started the trip in Seminyak, which is where the beach is. It’s next to Kuta Beach but I was told that Seminyak is nicer. I loved that there were lots of tiki bars and restaurants that lined the beach, and lounge chairs and beanbags with umbrellas to use.

We stayed at the Pelangi hotel which was right on the water, had a swim up bar and great buffet, and was only $65 a night! We were there for 5 nights and then went to Ubud.

I LOVED Ubud. It’s a bit more secluded, sort of set back in the jungle, and very peaceful. We stayed at the Chili Cottages, which is next to Monkey Forest. It’s a great place, I highly recommend it. It’s very quiet and set back from the city, and we got a private villa with a private pool for $57/night! We rarely used our pool though because the main pool was usually empty. The restaurant there is great also, and there are 3 massage spas across the street ($7 for one hour!) And I lucked out because Taman Hati was across the street, which turned out to be my favorite yoga place.

If you’re taking any yoga class in Bali, I recommend going early because of the heat. It gets brutally hot after 10am, and if you go at night, you’ll get attacked by mosquitoes.

The hot spot for yoga in Ubud is the Yoga Barn, but to be honest, it wasn’t for me.  They do offer lots of classes, which is great, and there’s a vegan cafe and spa onsite. But the classes are so crowded you have to arrive 30 minutes early or you may not get in. The biggest disappointment for me was that the yoga teachers I had were all American, and I really wanted to experience the culture in Bali, and experience a different type of class than one I could take at home.

Next, I went to the Ubud Yoga house, which is a beautiful studio with a gorgeous view of the rice fields. And we had a Balinese teacher!

Taman Hati was without a doubt my favorite. They only offer a few classes a day, so I attended the 10am class. There were only 2 of us in the class, but I enjoyed it because the Hindu Balinese teacher was great and really helped me with certain poses and adjustments. The classes are taught on the compound where the Balinese live, and it’s incredibly beautiful. It looks like a temple!
Next, we experienced spiritual and energy healing! A friend recommended a reading with Made Lunas, a spiritual healer. It’s also held on a Balinese compound. It was very Eat Pray Love.

My favorite was the Ubud Healing House. A Balinese healer, Devie, runs it out of her home (how beautiful is her yard?) and does energy healing with crystals, reflexology and Tibetan healing bowls. I’ve never felt so relaxed in my life.

Then we ended our trip with a nice hike to the waterfalls, where there’s a giant swimming hole! So cool!

Wanderlust 2016 – Squaw Valley, CA


I just got back from the Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Squaw Valley, CA, and what an amazing weekend! This was my first time at Wanderlust and the energy, people, music and scenery were all incredible.

My friend and I drove up to Squaw Valley on Thursday, which is located near Lake Tahoe in Northern CA, and it took a little over 7 hours to get there from LA. We camped at High Camp, which is located at the top of the mountain and you need to take a Tram to get there. I will say, that’s the one thing we won’t be doing again, as it’s quite a trek to carry all your belongings from the parking lot to the tram and then to the campsite.

The ground was also so rocky and hard that it’s very difficult to get your tent stabilized. On Saturday, it was so windy that our tent actually blew away! (Along with many other tents!) Luckily a friend of mine had a hotel there so we survived.

On a positive note, High Camp has extremely beautiful views, a gorgeous pool and restaurant, and shower rooms for the campers. (Note to future campers: bring layers! It’s at least ten degrees colder at the top of the mountain and gets very chilly!)

I only brought one pair of pants since the weather reports said it was going to be hot, but I ended up wearing them all weekend!

The way the festival is set up, you can register for 3 classes during the day, and then they have live music at night. Most of the classes I signed up for start at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm, so sometimes you only have 30 minutes before your next class. Luckily, there are tents throughout the whole festival that give you free protein bars, juices, cereal, protein shakes, coffee, etc. and there are also water stations and food tents (all vegan!) throughout the site.

There’s even random live music next to the tents too! And they have a free beauty bar where you can get your hair braided, massage tables, restaurants, wine tastings… lots of fun events!

Initially I was worried about wearing myself out with back to back classes, but I found that a lot of the teachers talked during the first 30 minutes of the class, or made the last 30 minutes more yin/restorative, so I suspect they do that so our bodies have time to rest.

In addition to yoga classes, you can also sign up for stand-up paddleboarding, aireal, and hikes. I highly recommend the hikes, as the forest is absolutely beautiful. There are so many gorgeous creeks with waterfalls and swimming holes, and if you have extra time, there is a 3-mile hike that leads to Shirley Lake. (I wish we had more time to do that… Next time!)

They have two different stages for live music, one is near the food trucks, and the other is the main stage. The main stage acts go on around 8pm and the headliners at 10pm. So you have just enough time after your last yoga class to shower, change, eat and then join the fun.

The Friday night headliners were Beats Antique, and the Saturday night headliner was Stephen Marley. In addition to his own reggae music, he also played lots of Bob Marley songs! So fun!

The Wanderlust festivals are held all over the world (Colorado, Vermont, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico…) so if you’re looking for a weekend filled with good vibes, be sure to check out one near you! http://wanderlust.com/ 

Until next year Wanderlust!

Polka Dots in Amsterdam

After spending three weeks in cold, rainy London, I was so happy to arrive in Amsterdam to a sunny 80-degree day! I had purchased this cute teal polka dotted dress at a street market in Camden Town, London, so I was finally able to wear it. (I was a wee bit excited. Three weeks of rain = no fun.)

London Loves

I've been in London for three weeks now and, being my first time here, I've explored a variety of different areas and put together a list of my favorite places in the city. I never knew prior to coming here how HUGE London is, so I'm glad I've had a few weeks here to really take everything in.

Ambergris Caye, Belize

Belize was recommended to me by a few well-traveled friends of mine, and since it's only a 5 hour flight from California, my boyfriend and I decided to vacation there last month. We were looking for a tiki beach hut style hotel, and we both agreed that the Portofino Beach Resort in Ambergris Caye looked like the best option.

Food, Film & Fun: My L.A. Favorites

Okay, so I'm biased because I live here.

Having said that, I'm the best effing tour guide you'll ever have in the city of Los Angeles. So much so that I'm going to have to break this one down into categories:

 On the Cheap:

For those of you on a budget, here's a great way to navigate around the wonderful city of lost angels without breaking the bank:

Cinespia Movies: If you're visiting between May-October, every Saturday the Hollywood Forever Cemetery features a movie night with a photobooth, DJ's and usually surprise special guests from the movie itself. Again, bring blankets, munchies, drinks, chairs, etc. Tickets are about $14, but get them early because they sell out. http://cinespia.org/ 

Phuket, Thailand


We stayed at the Sawasdee Village Resort, which was absolutely gorgeous – canopy King beds, giant pools with waterfalls and a swim-up bar, and killer Thai food.

Sawasdee has two restaurants, one inside the hotel, and one next door, both of which are beautiful with great food, especially the huge buffet. Seriously. Everything you can imagine. Fresh squeezed juice, tons and tons of fruit, a chef that makes any type of egg or omelette you request, cereal, toast, potatoes, you name it.

Our hotel was just a short 10 minute walk to Kata beach (right off Kata Road) with plenty of spas, restaurants and shopping along the way. And the water was sooo clear and warm!

Our new friends also took us on their motorcycles to the After Beach reggae bar, which has this incredible view of Kata Beach. Some other favorites spots we discovered in the Mueang Phuket District were the Two Chefs Bar (really good cover bands), and Dino’s restaurant (Flinstones themed, but very cool! Like being inside a cave.)

For the last day in Phuket, we signed up for a boat tour of the Phi Phi Islands with a company called Phuket Tropical Touch. What I didn’t realize is that, on these tours, you have very minimal time on each island – only 30 minutes at Maya Bay (where the movie “The Beach” was filmed), an hour at Phi Phi Don to eat (which is provided for you in a buffet, cafeteria type setting, and the food is no bueno), 45 minutes to snorkel (my favorite part), and an hour at the small island of Kho Kai. I think the best option is probably to stay overnight on the Phi Phi Islands so you have more time to explore.

Top 10 Things to Do in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Here is a list of my recommendations for the top 10 things to do in Chiang Mai, Thailand:

1. Tiger Kingdom: This was probably one of the coolest things I did. You can pick which size tiger you want to see, so I opted for the babies and the large tigers. (And don't worry, they're not drugged. The baby tigers were actually running all over the room wrestling with each other. Adorable!)  Piece of advice: don't wear white, and bring some wipes, because you get pretty dirty.

Angel Valley Spiritual Retreat Center – Sedona, AZ


Okay, I’m about to get reallll hippie dippy on you guys…

Last month, my friends and I took a road trip to Sedona, AZ and stayed at the Angel Valley Spiritual Retreat Center. It’s a little center that’s set back about two miles down a dirt road in the desert. My friend Kim had just received her yoga instructor certification, so we were going to take some professional photos of her, and this looked like just the place.

The center has nine little wooden cottages all lined next to each other (the only downside is that the bathroom is in a separate cottage next door, so it’s kind of like luxury camping.)

They have a kitchen that overlooks the creeks, and all of their meals are vegetarian and homemade. They also have a separate building where they hold yoga and meditation classes, and have a little gift shop. It was so damn peaceful and cute.

It’s also a short drive to some of the major hiking attractions, like the Cathedral Rock trail.

After the photoshoot, we had meal at the BEST restaurant, Timo, on Portal Lane. It has a cozy atmosphere with a fireplace, good wine, and killer food. I got a fruit and cheese plate with brie, fig jam, crackers, walnut bread, grapes and apples. Then I topped it off with some caramel gelato. Sedona tourists: if you’re looking for a good spot to dine out, look no further!

Anyways, back to Angel Valley. They have a labyrinth in the middle of the center (featured in this first photo), which is a trail lined with rocks that has 11 circuits, and the center is the 12th step. Now I don’t really understand any of this, but the owners explained that the center of the labyrinth is an energy vortex and when you reach it, you’re brought into a higher level of consciousness. So basically, you’re supposed to go in with a question, walk the labyrinth, and by the time you reach the center, you have your answer.

They also told us they see UFO’s there, so while part of me thought the whole energy thing sounded cool, another part me was a teeeenny bit skeptical.

Alas, we return from the restaurant, and there is a lightning storm, which was really effing awesome to run around in the desert in a lightning storm. And I’m being completely serious. So we grabbed some wine, headed over to the labyrinth, and I went in with my question, which I had absolutely no answer to and was totally over thinking during the first half of the walk.

And sure as shit, wouldn’t you know. When I got to the center, I totally knew the answer.

The way I see it, it’s sort of like things that we know deep down, but sometimes don’t want to be honest with ourselves about. And to top it off, I felt like a million bucks when I reached the center. Very calm. Very unexpected.