Why Martha's Vineyard is the Best Place Ever

 1. It's full of gingerbread houses. It's like the land of make believe.

2. Their bike paths are awesome. You can rent bikes and bike the entire island. 

3. Or you can rent mopeds and scooter yourself around the island...

4. You can go shopping at the cute little hippie strip in Oak Bluffs (and get yo'self a Mad Martha's ice cream).

(photo creds: Pinterest)

5. Or creepily take not-so-discreet photos of Meg Ryan at the Edgartown Parade (the hat and glasses aren't fooling anyone Meg)...

6. You can grab a rooftop frozen cocktail at Nancy's in Oak Bluffs (Seafood Shanty in Edgartown is another roof deck fave.)

(photo creds: mvtimes.com)

7. Or ride the flying horses in Oak Bluffs...

(photo creds: seniorcitizen.travel)

8. Or just cruise the quaint little centers of town.

(photo creds: vineyardsquarehotel.com)

It's my favorite place in the world.