May 1, 2015

Food, Film & Fun: My Favorite Places in L.A.

Okay, so I'm biased because I live here.

Having said that, I'm the best effing tour guide you'll ever have in the city of Los Angeles. So much so that I'm going to have to break this one down into categories:

 On the Cheap:

For those of you on a budget, here's a great way to navigate around the wonderful city of lost angels without breaking the bank:

Cinespia Movies: If you're visiting between May-October, every Saturday the Hollywood Forever Cemetery features a movie night with a photobooth, DJ's and usually surprise special guests from the movie itself. Again, bring blankets, munchies, drinks, chairs, etc. Tickets are about $14, but get them early because they sell out.

The W Hotel: Every Sunday night, the W hotel in Hollywood hosts jazz night, where there are live music performances (sometimes surprise guests) and burlesque dancers in their lounge area known as The Living Room. There is no cover charge, and it's a great show.

Twilight Concerts at the Pier: If you happen to be visiting LA during the months of July-September, every Thursday night there is a free concert at the Santa Monica Pier from 7pm-10pm. Bring your booze, snacks and a blanket and catch some tunes on the beach.

Malibu Wines: If you like wine-tasting, be sure to check out Malibu Wines on Mulholland. It's a great place to bring your own lunch and spend the day. They have picnic benches, live music, fire pits and a great vibe. You can either buy a bottle of wine from them or buy a 4-wine flight tasting for $16.

November 28, 2014

Thailand Travel Vlog - Phuket!

Here's the second Vlog from my trip to Thailand - Phuket!

I included Kata Beach, Ko Phi Phi Islands, Maya Bay, and our gorgeous hotel, the Sawasdee Village Resort.

November 20, 2014

Top 10 Things to Do in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Here is a list of my recommendations for the top 10 things to do in Chiang Mai, Thailand:

1. Tiger Kingdom: This was probably one of the coolest things I did. You can pick which size tiger you want to see, so I opted for the babies and the large tigers. (And don't worry, they're not drugged. The baby tigers were actually running all over the room wrestling with each other. Adorable!)  Piece of advice: don't wear white, and bring some wipes, because you get pretty dirty.

2. Elephant Nature Park: I was beyond excited to visit the Elephant Nature Park, since it's rumored to be one of the coolest things to see in Chiang Mai. However, this photo was actually taken at the night safari, because YOU HAVE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO GO TO THE ELEPHANT NATURE PARK! Like, weeks in advance. Which I did not know. We arrived in Thailand on November 4th, and they were booked until the 14th, which was the day we were leaving. So bummed. I did learn that the park isn't just something you visit and leave. It's an all day event. It costs 2500 Baht ($76 USD), and they pick you up at your hotel at 8am and you don't return until about 5pm. You'll feed the elephants, watch them bathe and have lunch there. You also need to bring sunscreen, bug spray, towels, walking shoes, sandals, and a change of clothing. (So, if you want to visit the ENP, remember to book it in advance!)

Thailand Travel Vlog - Chiang Mai!

Hey all - here's a travel vlog I put together of the trip to Chiang Mai Thailand. 

I included the Loy Krathong Lantern Festival, Tiger Kingdom, Night Safari, Khum Khantoke dinner, and our hotels, Ban Sabai Village Resort and Liam's Suan Dok Mai Guest House.

November 1, 2014

Why Martha's Vineyard is the Best Place on Earth

 1. It's full of gingerbread houses. It's like the land of make believe.

2. Their bike paths are awesome. You can rent bikes and bike the entire island. 

3. Or you can rent mopeds and scooter yourself around the island...

October 11, 2014

Summer in Italy

I spent the summer of 2013 traipsing around Italy. My friend and I started the trip in Venice, then made our way to Florence, Rome, and down to Naples to catch the ferry to Capri.

Here are some of my favorite spots:

Florence: Party on the Arno River. There's beach parties on the sand, bars along the water, you name it. So much fun nightlife! (And enjoy the sunsets. Seriously, look at this photo...)

Venice: Take a gondola ride. It's ridiculously overpriced (about $100 for a 40-minute ride) but totally worth it. A great place to photograph the canals, alleyways and ancient architecture on the island.


October 5, 2014

That One Time I Met the Foo Fighters...

Yeah, so that happened.

It was February of 2011. I had just moved to L.A... landed a sweet apartment in West Hollywood... the sun was shining on me. Life was good.

And then I got a phone call from an MTV casting director, inviting me to hang with the Foo Fighters for a day at another fan's house in the Valley, where they were filming the "Rope" video premiere.

Now let me preface this by saying I am a total 90's chick. As in hardcore 90's. As in I owned every obscure imported Nirvana bootleg album, t-shirt, video and magazine article known to man. I even went to Seattle once and made a beeline for Cobain's house. (As seen in this extremely crappy cell phone photo below. Apparently the new owners have built a wall up to keep creepy stalkers like me away. Harumph.)

October 2, 2014

How I Travel For Free

This is how I travel for free... and how you can too.

1. Subletting on Airbnb  

 This lovely photo is of my apartment in Santa Monica, CA. It's cozy, affordable, and twelve blocks from the beach.

It also allows me the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world and spend practically nothing.


By renting it on the life-saving website, while I'm away. 

Now before I get into this, I want to warn you that this concept is not for everyone. If you have a roommate, valuables, don't live in a preferred destination for travelers, etc. this may not be for you.

I live alone. I live near the Santa Monica Pier, Venice, Hollywood - all of which are prime travel destinations. I also don't own anything of value, other than my television (I bring my laptop and nice jewelry/clothes with me when I travel.) Thus, I can charge the same amount as most hotels ($100+ a night), which pays for the majority of my travel expenses.

October 1, 2014

10 Things I Learned in Dallas

I spent my birthday weekend in Dallas, Texas this year. Being my first time to Dallas, here are a few things I learned:

1. The Omni Hotel has a rooftop pool, jacuzzi, and TV's built into the bathroom mirrors.

2. Everyone should stay at the Omni Hotel.

September 30, 2014

Never Fly Spirit Airlines

If I only knew then what I know now...

Several weeks ago, I was searching for a one-way place ticket home from Dallas, TX. The majority of tickets were in the $135 range, but there was one ticket for only $90 through Spirit Airlines.

A $45 difference? Sold!

At least this was what I thought.

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