August 14, 2015

The Pink Wall

If you follow any fashion bloggers, then you've undoubtedly seen photos of the infamous Pink Wall. The wall is actually a Paul Smith store on Melrose Ave in Beverly Hills.

I've been wanting to snap photos here forever, and luckily, a few weeks ago I had lunch with a friend at Gracias Madre on Melrose (amazing vegan food!) and talked him into visiting the pink wall afterward.

I paired up my favorite ankle boots with this black and white striped dress from Bloom, which I LOVE because it's long in the back but short in the front, and twists at the midsection for a super flattering fit.

AND did you guys know that Carlos Santana now has a fashion line? I purchased this handbag at TJ Maxx and didn't realized until I checked the label afterward that it was a Carlos Santana bag. He also makes adorable shoes (I also have a pair of his beige ankle boots that have quickly become my new favorite.)

PS - if you ever find yourself at the pink wall, do yourself a favor and have brunch at Gracias Madre. It's right up the street, and one of the best restaurants in LA. And they have boozy snow cones!