September 30, 2014

Never Fly Spirit Airlines

If I only knew then what I know now...

Several weeks ago, I was searching for a one-way place ticket home from Dallas, TX. The majority of tickets were in the $135 range, but there was one ticket for only $90 through Spirit Airlines.

A $45 difference? Sold!

At least this was what I thought.

I had never flown Spirit Airlines before, but after having the single worst flight experience of my life, I have since found out the following:

- Spirit does not allow a free carry-on bag. If you pay for your carry-on online (prior to 24 hours before your flight), you will be charged $35. If you pay when you arrive at the airport, you will be charged $50. If you try to sneak your bag on and are forced to check it at the gate, you will be charged $100.

- If you do not print your boarding pass at home, you will be charged $10 to print it at the airport.

- If you would like to select your seat, you will also be charged $10.

- In addition, you are not served any complimentary beverages or snacks on the flight, and the seats do not recline.

So, in hindsight, the supposed $45 I saved could've actually cost me an extra $60 and upwards.

I've since done my homework and read all the horrible Spirit reviews. I only wish I had read them before I bought my ticket, but hopefully, I can save one of you from making the same mistake.

Moral of the story: Don't fly Spirit Airlines. Just don't. Whatever money you think you're saving will equal the price of the other airlines. And you'll get a free beverage and a reclining seat.